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Ben Sports Therapy

Motion is everywhere, help you enjoy motion.

Choose what you want


Sports Injury Treatment

Injuries or pain from exercise.

For example:

tennis elbow,

runner's knee,

badminton wrist,

deadlift lower back

bench press shoulder

Ankle Sprain.


Chronic Muscle Arthralgia Treatment

Injury or pain due to work or labor.
For example:

frozen shoulder,

lumbar muscle strain,

neck strain,

mouse hand,

slight herniated disc,

knee arthritis.


Numbness, weakness, unspeakable discomfort treatment

Numbness, powerlessness, and unspeakable discomfort for no reason.

For example:

numbness in fingers,

numbness in toes,

weakness in legs,

upper back discomfort,

lower back discomfort.

Services & Charge

One session(40-45mins) = Assessment + Manual therapy + Rehabilitation = $100

In a session, manual therapy is the main, about 30 minutes.

Package  (Validity applies. Please purchase based on needs.)

  3 sessions (validity 1 month)  =   $270 ($90/session)

  8 sessions (validity 3 month)  =  $680 ($85/session)

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